Apr 21

Networking Project – April 2017

As I haven’t been up to date on my blog. I have worked on something to provide some new content to the site. I’ve recently moved in with two friends, and they were working on remodeling the house. We came up to an idea of using Ethernet in the living room, and moving the modem in another room instead of having it near the TV, making it not present a great look.


I’ve worked on setting up a firewall with an extra desktop computer I have, and it currently runs IPFire.

I haven’t taken more pictures than I should have. But I started taking pictures of the Ethernet setup. We took a 50 Foot cable which was just laying around and started to get it lined through the house and getting the holes in the wall ready.

A proper setup should be a patch cable which has the correct color patterns used in normal networking setups. However, this setup was still the same, however the colors of the wire can be tricky, or may be not so.

If anyone were to use a different type of Ethernet cable, other than a patch cable. It’s just following the color codes it shows… Solid color, goes on solid. Stripped colors will go for the faded color on the cable.

It was a fairly quick setup, not any longer than 20 minutes, and with testing to ensure the cable was working.

We will soon be installing another wall plate in another room.

Mar 11

My network setup portfolio #1

As I haven’t updated much on this site, I figured I would create a portfolio on a previous network of mine I’ve worked on.

This was my server information as follows:

First server: A Windows Server 2008 with Active Directory, DNS, and IIS.
Second Server: A FreeBSD linux based file system running FreeNAS with two active Ethernet NICs for failover.
PC: The Dell desktop PC was running a Linux based PfSense firewall/router. Using the Windows Server as a DNS forwarder.

My attempt was to have three more servers which were Dell Poweredge (2 1U’s and one 2U servers) My plan was to have the 2U to be a new storage server to replace the FreeNAS server and configure it for a RAID system.

I only have pictures of my setup, but due to some issues that have happened I would have to rebuild my network.

Unlike this setup in the picture, my next setup should be much cleaner with some better plans on routing cables through the new rack. Uptime, however may not be as important, but with all three servers, they ran well over 100 days uptime and ran well during the winter months being in a shed. Which was the only place I can find to place them.


Dec 12

Let’s get this on the road!


So. It’s obvious I haven’t done anything on this site in awhile. Honestly, I figured if any I was just getting spam on this site… As I have over 22k spam comments blocked. But some still come through, but have to be approved or denied.

Anyway. I will be working on getting this site on the road and adding content. Mainly relating to my skills such as technology. But I will have a little bit of some fun stuff added, such as reviews, videos that I create from my trucking journey, and may be some gaming.

Stay tuned to some new updates on the site!
Thanks for visiting!

Nov 10



At the moment I will be making some blog posts about trucking or anything else I can come up with to put up here. 

Right now I’m taking a load from Indiana to Illinois tonight. 

Check back soon for some new stuff. If there’s anything you like me to blog about let me know! 

May 17



Welcome to my site.
Due to some issues, I’ve lost my site, and had it moved to a new server of my own, and now getting into re-working everything back in.

Feel free to check back soon! Hopefully I have this up within the next week or so.