Mar 11

My network setup portfolio #1

As I haven’t updated much on this site, I figured I would create a portfolio on a previous network of mine I’ve worked on.

This was my server information as follows:

First server: A Windows Server 2008 with Active Directory, DNS, and IIS.
Second Server: A FreeBSD linux based file system running FreeNAS with two active Ethernet NICs for failover.
PC: The Dell desktop PC was running a Linux based PfSense firewall/router. Using the Windows Server as a DNS forwarder.

My attempt was to have three more servers which were Dell Poweredge (2 1U’s and one 2U servers) My plan was to have the 2U to be a new storage server to replace the FreeNAS server and configure it for a RAID system.

I only have pictures of my setup, but due to some issues that have happened I would have to rebuild my network.

Unlike this setup in the picture, my next setup should be much cleaner with some better plans on routing cables through the new rack. Uptime, however may not be as important, but with all three servers, they ran well over 100 days uptime and ran well during the winter months being in a shed. Which was the only place I can find to place them.